Magic: The Doppler Effect in Javascript

Sometimes something comes along and strikes you so much that you're left wondering what the hell it was that just happened. This was what occured in my life this week, and I just had to tell people! Let me give you some background: What is the doppler effect? Good question. Let's turn to my oldest and dearest friend, Wikipedia: The Doppler effect (or Doppler shift) is the change in frequency »

Moving to Ghost

So, I used to have an account on Svbtle. It was pretty good, but quite expensive for what it was. Also, I could never remember how to spell my own blog's name. That's not cool any way you look at it. So today I redesigned my look, and moved over to Ghost. I really reccomend you try it. They even let you upload your own theme. Here's the link if »

Debugging Node.js apps

One of the things I find most useful when creating complex Node.js applications is easily seeing what component of the code is generating console output. Now, it'd be pretty easy for me to simply bash in a command such as this: console.log(arguments). But there are a couple of problems here: The log is output as a nondescript white line of text. If there's a few of these »

The glory of Dokku / Docker

I've just got round to exploring Dokku. It seems these days all I need to do is type <name of cool nerdy thing> digitalocean into Google, and invariably I am greeted with a plethora of handy, in depth tutorials that tell me how to install, configure, scale and secure it. All of these one click installs, while incredibly convenient, are certainly eating into my money for food. But »

Building a voice app with Node, Twilio, Compose and Heroku - Part 2

So in my previous post I gave you a brief overview of what it was that I was trying to achieve here. Use a load of decent APIs to create a service that doesn't exist right now (probably for a reason?). The idea is to create a service that I can call from a phone and retrieve phone numbers that I've put in to a website, and be connected. You »